What We Do?

Ana Al Saudia plans exceptional, one-of-a-kind specialty events in the Kingdom and throughout the Middle East. We focus on the most important tasks while outsourcing other duties to best-in-class service providers. Our goal is to attract global ventures and local companies while presenting the Saudi viewpoint to the world. Ana Al Saudia helps small and medium enterprises find a global platform that allows them to showcase their talents to the world. For example, our planned global venture summit in Saudi Arabia, organized in collaboration with Silicon Valley technology companies and venture capitalists, will present information about Saudi Arabia’s culture, business, and history, as well as offer local businesses an opportunity to publicize their services globally.

Support Services
Global Venture Summit (GVS)

GVS was created to connect influencers in the world’s highest-growth start-up ecosystems. GVS enables innovative start-ups to access venture capital professionals, funded technology, other start-up founders, and policymakers. The event’s slogan is “Silicon Valley tours the world”. This summit will give local small and medium-sized enterprises a chance to meet and interact with global companies in the fields of venture capital and technology, thereby creating new avenues of collaboration for Saudi companies. Not only will GVS provide a much-needed breakthrough for Saudi Arabian businesses, but it will also present an unparalleled opportunity for the West to interact with the local populace.

Wethiqat Walla (Loyalty Deed)

Through broadcast programming on a popular media channel, this initiative aims to reveal hidden truths about the Kingdom and the vibrancy of its way of life, as well as present fascinating facts and ideas that are perhaps privy only to those within the Kingdom. Wethiqat Walla intends to dispel anachronous impressions that might be coloring the world’s views of the Kingdom and, instead, to offer a more contemporary and accurate account of Saudi society, people, lifestyles and mores. The objective is to establish a foundation for the exploration of viewpoints that challenge perceived perceptions in a manner which illuminates understanding and promotes appreciation of shared values. We believe that community involvement on an international level, through discourse and the exchange of culture, will pave the way for greater cooperation and integration of future generations.

Qawarir (Women Care)

The Qawarir initiative concerns the care and interests of women. It is an enterprise that also focuses on the vulnerable in society with regard to well-being, support, and wider integration. The rights of widows, orphans, the elderly and the unemployed, as well as mothers, daughters, and wives, are all integral aspects woven into the tapestry of Qawarir’s ethos. Through various programs, Qawarir emphasizes the importance of inclusivity. In particular, it promotes the central role of women from different walks of life, endorsing their participation in, and contribution to, all aspects of Saudi Arabian society.

Hob Al Atta (Love of Giving)

This initiative celebrates the act of giving as a public social responsibility. Hob Al Atta fosters humanitarian charity with an emphasis on assisting the needy with regard to matters of immediate and on-going concern. The motto of care for the community – both the local and the wider – is a belief in the broader edifice of Saudi heritage. In addition, the promotion and education of current and future humanitarian leaders is of considerable relevance. This, coupled with the establishment of means, the enablement of opportunities and the cultivation of humanitarianism, ensures that values held dear are fostered and nurtured. In our view, benefactors and recipients alike are pivotal parts of the overall framework that propels the belief system of support, humanity, and altruism.

Pickup a Date

Dates are an abundant, natural and national product. Their prevalence in profuse varieties, textures, and flavors renders their economic potential no less valuable than that of oil. The fruit has always played an important role in Saudi society. With their historical, religious and medicinal associations, dates well-nigh assume the status of the Kingdom’s national emblem. In current times, and under the 2030 vision, dates remain an essential part of the Saudi identity. This fact drives the intent of Ana Al Saudia’s international initiative to promote dates. The objective is to raise awareness of the nutritional merits of this natural produce by providing information related to its use and its antioxidant and dietary properties, as well as its broad scope and potential as an important food. Ana Al Saudia will internationally promote dates and create a widespread awareness that capitalizes on this fruit’s unsung value.